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It seems trivial to note that not everything the Nazis did was ethically objectionable, and that the mere fact that the Nazis did something does not therefore make it objectionable. That is not to suggest that the kind of eugenics and euthanasia practiced by the Nazis was not abhorrent. The kind of euthanasia practiced by the Nazis was morally repugnant for at least two reasons.

First, because the motivation for their policy was a particularly nasty view about racial purity and a belief about people they took to be undesirable and unworthy of living.

The undercurrent of that particular link is a tacit argument of the form: the Nazis practiced eugenics and euthanasia, the Nazis were morally abhorrent, therefore eugenics and euthanasia are morally abhorrent. The Nazis used toilet paper and had pets, the Nazis were morally abhorrent, therefore using toilet paper and having pets is morally abhorrent.

No one would be inclined to take the previous argument seriously as a reason for objecting to people owning pets or using toilet paper.

One obvious connection between the two, strongly suggested by both of the headlines just mentioned, is that the Nazi's practiced both.

When people link eugenics, euthanasia and Nazism they are not usually intending merely to point out an historical fact, the way I am intending to point out an historical fact when I tell you that the ancient Romans watched gladiatorial combat and wore sandals.

The second is a headline quoting Glenn Beck, a conservative radio and television host in the US.

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which had been ruled as unconstitutional by the North Carolina Supreme Court earlier in the year.He felt included during high school and stays in touch with his old friends.Brian found sexual education in school unhelpful because it focused exclusively on the mechanics of sex, rather than on how to start and maintain a relationship.Here are some headlines you might have seen in the last couple of years "How healing becomes killing: eugenics, euthanasia and extermination"; "Euthanasia in Canada means "eugenics is starting all over again" a "great and powerful evil is here"".The first of these is a headline about an art exhibition by that name. D) is about some of the worst atrocities perpetuated during the Third Reich by the Nazis.Over time, the scope of the Board's work broadened from a focus on pure eugenics to considering sterilization as a tool to combat poverty and welfare costs.Its original purpose was to oversee the practice of sterilization as it pertained to inmates or patients of public-funded institutions that were judged to be 'mentally defective or feeble-minded' by authorities.Several of the men we spoke with expressed a fear of dating because they felt they would not be able to provide for a future family, and had been lead to believe that marriage was the ultimate goal of dating.Some of the people we spoke with had never had the opportunity to go on a romantic date, though they expressed the desire to.Parents of women who are “sent to” Ivy League schools want those women to get the “Mrs.” and not their “Master’s,” in many cases.They say it is about “marrying your peers” yet most men from Ivy League schools turn into abusers, white collar felons and buy at least 4 mistresses and treat women as trophy wife property.” “Sororities & Frat houses create a stirring call for the genetically gifted to band together and form an Aryan-like Master Race.


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