Estj and intj dating

And while there are a million things each person says (both verbally and non-verbally) every day, it could be argued that there really is only one thing we’re actually looking for: the answer to the question, “Do you love me?

” According to Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages” we all express love a little differently.

On the other side of the coin, however, the mighty lion is a natural hunter (of other females) and the rational respect for nature and biology is something that must remain on the forefront, and something that the ENTJ male to maintain his amazing dominating presence, whether they admit it or not. Quite the contrary, however an open minded outlook is essential and is something that can only be given by a true rational.

Irrationality does not mesh well with these men, and there is no woman more rational than the INTJ.

For example, one woman might be over to moon to hear her husband praise her beauty to his friends, and another woman might feel marginalized. ” Here’s where it gets tricky: each personality type asks it in a slightly different way, and concurrently answers it in a slightly different way.

In our program “Personality Types in Marriage & Relationship” we discuss how different personality types both ask the question, “Do you love me? All FJs use the mental process “Harmony” to make decisions.

I’m an INFJ married to an ISTP, and if you look at compatibility charts, we’re not supposed to get along. Some people say opposites attract, others prefer to stick with their own kind.

They have probably spent most of their life giving more than receiving, and as a result, are often taken advantage of.

When they enter into a relationship, they love the opportunity to find ways to serve their partner and make them feel special and valued.

Some of it will be great news, some of it will be disheartening news, and some of it will be just plain old weird. You're a unique individual with a unique background, and this description is simply a generalization based on statistics and averages. Like all Rationals, INTJs set high standards for themselves. The communication style of INTJs is terse and precise--but alas, other types all often too find it complicated and hard to understand.

Don't take what you read here as , but as an invitation to grow outside your core strengths. INTJs spend a lot of time "in their head," thinking of ideas and plans.


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