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Lucius Aelius Sejanus' bearing on church history is not immediately apparent to the church historian.

He is well known among Roman historians as the man who almost succeeded in overthrowing Tiberius Caesar.

Finally revise and edit, and be sure to apply the critical process to your argument to be certain you have not committed any errors in reasoning or integrated any fallacies for which you would criticize some other writer.

Additionally, you will want to find out how your readers will object to your argument.

The introduction is the first sentence of your essay and it plays the dual role of setting the theme of your essay and engaging the reader. You do not want an admissions officer to start reading your essay and think, "here we go again." Although admissions officers will try to give the entire essay a fair reading, they are only human -- if you lose them after the first sentence, the rest of your essay will not get the attention it deserves.

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Your basic academic introduction or thesis statement is best used as the follow-up sentence to one of the more creative introductions described below.Examples: Essay Edge Says: This introduction is clear and to the point, and will prepare your reader for the ideas you want to discuss.However, it is rather unexciting and will not immediately engage your reader.However, his relationship with Pontius Pilate has an important influence on what year one dates the death of Jesus.The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of Sejanus' life, to examine his relationship with Pilate, and finally to understand the impact of this information on the date of Jesus' death.Sejanus was born sometime between 4 BCE and 1 BCE in Etruria.He was born into an equestrian family and thus was not part of Roman nobility. Shortly after Tiberius became emperor in 14 CE, he made Sejanus' father Strabo commander of the Praetorian Guard, the elite corps of Roman soldiers responsible for protecting the city of Rome and the emperor himself.The first, and most popular, is to attempt to find a 'killer' argument.A new piece of evidence, or a radical interpretation of a previous one, which clinches once and for all the date of Kanishka's era.His warlike exploits and the strength of his kingdom are remarkable indeed, and it is felt by most historians that his reign marked the height of Kushan dominance in central Asia.Unfortunately it has proved beyond the grasp of all those who have studied Kushan history to actually decide when Kanishka came to power, in which year did he become King of the Kushans.


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