Elijah wood still dating pam racine

In these films, you can tell he is well below average, but there is no trickery involved as in the LOTR's, so he passes for his 'full' 5ft5!!!

"I can remember being in love with music when I was six, seven. But let’s know about married and love life of Elijah Wood. Since Wood was already a child actor at the tender age of 9, by 2003 he had already landed high-profile role of Frodo Baggins in ‘The Lord of the Rings.' Wood’s then girlfriend Franka was a German actress, but their relationship couldn’t last long, and the couple called their relationship in the very same year in 2003. He started dating Franka Potente in 2003 as he was already a star back then.It didn’t take too long for someone like Woods to be in another relationship. Racine is also a former model as well as a drummer and dancer with her "gypsy punk" band named as Gogol Bordello.Pamela Racine met with Wood in 2005 while shooting an adventure film, ‘Everything is illuminated’ where her group performed.He will, of course, always be remembered for his role as the loveable 'Frodo' in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, but he has also been in film parts which are far from cute, to say the least! In it, he plays an incredibly messed up young man who has completely lost the plot, and he takes the scalps from girls once he's killed them in order to transform his mannequins! When I first saw it, I phoned my 'Lord of the Rings' fan boyfriend and told him that I had just seen Frodo playing a serial killer!Then I bought a copy and showed it to him and he even found it vaguely amusing!He has also given his voice in many video games such as “God of War III”, “Broken Age” and “The Lord of the Rings”. Elijah Jordan Wood was born on 28th of January, 1981 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.He is a well-known person in the Hollywood industry.Some of his successful TV series are “Treasure Island”, “Red vs.Blue”, “Tron: Uprising” and “Over the Garden Wall”.


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