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Teldrassil houses the Night Elf capital of Darnassus, but you will start out in Shadowglen, where all young Night Elves start their training.

Here you will find many quests to help familiarize you with the game.

Then time passed, and Tomoaki now works as the intelligent and beautiful receptionist named Ilya in the Luneville branch of the Guild Association.

In a world of swords and magic, her job in the guild begins today.

We don't know if there'll be any romantic developments and whether she'll go with women because of her past life as a man, or go with men because of adjusting and accepting her new life. " "She's OP, so she should go beat up crap", well go read something else.

It's a good read if you're okay with stories with the main protagonist hiding their abilities with a slice-of-life feel to it. Unless the gender bender actually talks about issue of being a girl, and the trials and tribulations that come with that, either biologically, or with society... Now it would be interesting if it was a OP FEMALE protagonist. I don't have any other way to describe this other than a cheap way of drawing in viewers by have a guy turn into a girl, turning them OP and having them still behave un affected by the gender change, instead of just having a female, who acts like a guy, and turning OP. This isn't meant to be about a OP protagonist going around beating up shit, it's a slice of life about a person who knows they're op, hides that from people around her, and tries to live out life.

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Play proceeds in 4 rounds where in a round each player frames one scene. This game was awesome but challenging toe get then outcome you wanted, btw how do you get to bang the elf girl stopping you from getting the treasure in the forest instead of killing her or running away, anyone know? take carrots next to stables outside and take cockroaches from your house. give him mixture (he gives you 1 gold) go to swamp and pick up devil seed in left bottom corner sell to ash in tavern for 1 gold.spend 3 coins and buy the flute (you should have 3) go to swamp and play the flute (peak then reveal yourself) go back to peasant and give him the flute. now you should have everything you need to get all endings :) (but just in case: victoria ending: after sex open cellar and kill the monster elf ending: go back to bar skeleton will tell you about his treasure and the cross.Hope this helps :) Odd, character doesn`t get to meet the blond elf in the startup splash screen? No dice with Ash Princess - but she has issues Priestess - works just fine Elf Thief - again . go outside click above your apartment door then go inside. you now have 3 coins go back to peasant and buy wheat give to victoria. also click your bookshelf and go back to victoria if you want sex scene with her.Some of you were wondering what I’ve been doing since my last official release, so I compiled a special collection of all the artwork I’ve posted over on Patreon, and it comes out today, both here and over on Affect3D!Not very challenging but that`s not why most of us are playing it : P Game lacks mechanics but it looks so damn good. how to never worry about gold: first don`t buy the short sword. talk to peasant then go to monastery and kill monster (easier if you go into your inventory and drink peasants potion beforehand) go back to town peasant will tell you about a flute go to tavern ask ash about it.Unfortunately, that`s all this game has going for it: looking good. I like the theme of the game, more medieval games would be appreciated! When i reveal mijzelf to the elf and have sex with her end gobak to the peasant end give him the flute i go to inventurie no swoord appaers.!!! go outside click above your apartment door then go inside. you now have 3 coins go back to peasant and buy wheat give to victoria. also click your bookshelf and go back to victoria if you want sex scene with her.If a lifestyle of sneaking, backstabbing, hiding in shadows and stealing anything not nailed down appeals to you, hearken to Tyren's words and you too can find yourself on Azeroth's Most Wanted in no time.Starting Your Criminal Career Night Elves begin their journey on Teldrassil, an enormous tree located northeast of Kalimdor (press "M" to see the map).One of the consequences of Blizzard making World of Warcraft the kind of "friendly" MMO where (according to the developers) "you can get something accomplished in a lunch hour" is that a lot of people are going to be playing the game who have never played an MMO before.As a result, many of these players may be unfamiliar with the basic terms and concepts of MMOs, to say nothing of the higher level strategies and combinations of skills and equipment that can make you a truly formidable player.


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