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The Gimmi morcellator-set can be used for the morcellation and extraction of tissue as well as for the removal of myoma or the uterus during laparascopic operations in surgery and gynaecology.

The Alpha Vis morcellator is obtainable with 3 different cutting tube and outside diameters.

The DE1250 Wireless Endoscope Camera is being routinely used in otolaryngology (ENT), Gynecology, Urology, and Cosmetic practices worldwide.Due to this a safe and efficient morcellating within diverse situations is possible.Based on the latest Arc technology, the Alpha Tom End o 300 provides highest patient safety and outstanding HF application performance.Endoscopic visualization in life-like color and detail is critical in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases.NDS endoscopy Zero Wire HD wireless medical monitors and solutions offer cordless mobility in monitor placement even during procedures, bringing greater flexibility and workflow safety to the Endo/GI team. A Little Night Of Music- You Must Meet My Wife 287. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening By Joe Aquino 290. Aaron Tippin - Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio 367. Adio bela, Golubica, Nadalina, Diridonda (mix) - Oliver Drag 567. The light cables from Gimmi serves to absorb light from a light source and to transfer light using a targeted light inlet and outlet in an endoscope or in another optical medical device.The high-temperature and high-transmission light cable are an advancement of the Standard light cable and have the following good characteristics: A trolley is the solid base of a functional endoscopic tower.


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