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Make sure that you are using the 64 bits version of Eclipse and of the Oracle JDK.The problem we saw was that splitting a shard with many segments and documents failed by running out of heap space. And in case it's useful context, during the shard split indexing into the cloud had been stopped but periodic admin/luke and admin/mbeans cat=CACHE stats requests were happening. Solr Dispatch Filter [Solr] null: Segment Reader.document(Segment at org.apache.lucene.index. Filter Atomic Reader.document(Filter Atomic at org.apache.lucene.index.Once you have gone through all the optimization tips, Eclipse should start within 10 seconds and run much smoother than before.[edit]: most of those tips will speed up your Eclipse experience, not just the startup time.This is not required but the following options are all there for various reasons: help in debugging, code formatting/style, better IDE performance, etc.IArchive Manager archive Mgr = Adapter(IArchive Manager.class); String image Path; Prepared Statement pstmt = db.prepare Statement("SELECT path, image FROM images", Result Set. CONCUR_READ_ONLY); Result Set result = pstmt.execute Query();while ( ) result.close(); The image if a 4 MB png which loads without any issue in Archi 3.I was asked by a few people to share my tips on how I was able to speed it up so here we go…As a side note, this article is not about comparing IDEs, please refrain from displaying your hate for the IDE or your preference for another…

I do remember, though, testing it extensively with really big image files and it seemed to be OK.

It seems to fail at the test Image Bytes Valid() method.

I made some changes to Archive Manager earlier this year. Phil method just creates an image and releases it right after.

What I tried so far but without any success : - raise the JVM memory (-DXmx=1200m) - save the Bytes("image") into a file to verify that the image is correct (and I can open the image file without any issue) - analyse the source of PNGFile : the exception is raised on a 8 MB array allocation : - dump the JVM memory when the exception is raised : the dump file is 400 MB (which is far away from the 1200 MB configured with the Xmx parameter), and run Eclipse Memory Analyzer against the dump file. - I even tried to foce the garbage collector to run before the image loading : I'm using a 32 bit JDK as my work is using 32bit OSes.

Now on, Im stuck and do not know where to search anymore Did one of you ever experienced such an issue and could give me a hand ?


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