Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating example

* @return A DOM Object containing a parsed XML document or a null value ifthere is an error in parsing. * @throws Exception if parser can not be constructed or source is not a valid XML document.* @throws Parser Configuration Exception * @throws IOException * @throws SAXException */ private static Document get DOMObject(String filename,boolean validating) throws SAXException, IOException, Parser Configuration Exception /** * Read a classpath resource and return as an XML DOM Document. The specified path can berelative to the test class' location on the classpath. */ public Document read Resource Document(String path) /** * Parses the string as the body of an XML document and returns the document element. */ private Document parse(final String source) throws Exception /** * Return true is the WSDl version is 2.0, false othervise * @param xml Source The WSDL File to check * @return True if the document version is 2.0, false otherwise * @throws Exception If a problem occurs */ private boolean is Wsdl2(String xml Source) throws Exception /** * Loads XML files from disk * @param clazz the class this method is invoked from * @param xml Path the full path to the file to load * @param xsd Path the full path to the file to validate against */ public static Document load Doc(Class clazz, String xml Path, String xsd Path) /** * Parses the specified input stream and returns a list of the regions declared in it.Submit a bug or feature For further API reference and developer documentation, see Java SE Documentation. That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples. …And everything was fine – it was developed, tested, moved to clients and they started working with it…Until we get the first very polite complain telling us that the application might perform its critical functions a little bit faster…

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Const Shape Factory Type ab Fac = new Shape Factory Type(); Shape Factory factory = null; Shape s = null; //returns a Shape Factory but whether it is a //Simple Shape Factory or a Complex Shape Factory is not known to the caller./** * Parse a document with validation switched off and the loading of external dtds disabled * @param resource Path The path to a resource on the classpath * @return a parsed document, without validation * @throws Exception if there was a problem parsing the file */ public static org.w3Document parse Configuration(String resource Path) throws Exception /** * Parse a file containing an XML document, into a DOM object. * @param validating True iff validating should be turned on.* @param object * @param rep * @param id_job * @param databases * @param slave Servers * @throws Kettle Exception */ public static void load Rep(Object object, Repository rep, Object Id id_job, List/** * Returns a map of process IDs to command lines * @return a map of process IDs to command lines * @throws Exception - if something goes wrong while reading the process list */ public static Map proc Map() throws Exception /** * actually serializes the list to the file denoted by path To File * @param path To File the path to the xml file to serialize to. Transformer Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws IOException When the serialization failed * @throws transform. Parser Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws transform.* @param input The stream containing the region metadata to parse. */ public List/** * [email protected]} * @see org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node. Output Stream) */ @Override public void to(final Node node,final Output Stream out) throws Descriptor Export Exception /** * Replaces the given plug-in-versions in given feature.xml-File. NOTE: this file will be changed and thus must be writable * @param qualifier The new version for this feature.Node Descriptor Exporter Impl#to(org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node. If set to null, the "version"-attribute of the "feature"-tag won't be changed * @param new Bundle Versions A map containing plugin-id (String) - version (String) associations * @throws Exception */ protected void replace Versions(File feature Xml, String qualifier, String Map new Bundle Versions) throws Exception /** * Handle reading of the input (object) from the kettle repository by getting the xml from the repository attribute string and then re-hydrate the object with our already existing read method. Parser Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws transform.factory = ab Shape Factory(1);//returns Simple Shape Factory //returns a Shape but whether it is a Circle or a Pentagon is //not known to the caller. s.draw(); //draws a square //returns a Shape Factory but whether it is a //Simple Shape Factory or a Complex Shape Factory is not //known to the caller. Document Builder.parse(Input Source is) method parses the content of the given input source as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.factory = ab Shape Factory(2); //returns a Shape but whether it is a Circle or a Pentagon is //not known to the caller. s.draw(); //draws a pentagon In that case My Understanding seems to be correct. Here is my understanding :- Document Builder Factory considered as top level factory which internally cotains individual factory i.e Document Builder Factory#new Instance() which is able to create the family of related products without specifying their concrete classes (as it just return the Document Builder Factory not any specific implementation). An Illegal Argument Exception is thrown if the File is null null.I’d start with the fact that historically I always thought about XML processing as one of slowest and heaviest parts in business applications if it was inside.I do not know why – simple according to a definition of XML documents and XML processing in general they should require much memory and processor time.


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