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Contributing to this blog: - "Dave" is Dave Barry, who is a humor columnist and presidential contender.- "judi" is Judi Smith, who is Dave's Research Department, as well as being interested in men.Crittenden Junior High School (both in Armonk), and Pleasantville High School where he was elected "Class Clown" in 1965.He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Haverford College in 1969.(Thanks to The Perts) Posted by Dave on May 18, 2017 at AM Permalink | Comments (8) The Chanel boomerang.(Thanks to Jay Brandes) Posted by Dave on May 18, 2017 at AM Permalink | Comments (8) (Thanks to Le Petomane) Posted by Dave on May 17, 2017 at PM Permalink | Comments (5) This is pretty great.

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He covered local government and civic events and was promoted to City Editor after about two years.This week, however, the town’s 31-member council overwhelmingly rejected the proposal on the grounds that if sexual intercourse should be subsidized, then so should many other personal activities, such as gardening or cleaning.Feliciamae Farrington, 36, of Harvey, Louisiana, was naked in the living room of the home on Big Pine Key when Deputy Richard Wang arrived and looked in the window, sheriff's spokeswoman Becky Herrin said.Barry continued to skewer many aspects of modern life in his columns and in his books, including parenting, fitness and corporate life.In 1988, Barry won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.Barry was born in Armonk, New York, where his father, David, was a Presbyterian minister.He was educated at Wampus Elementary School, Harold C.Well, a lot of thingslike bad public art, Internet millionaires, SUVs, Regis Philbin . Not just Dave's, but that of the whole Baby Boom Generation—those millions of us who set a standard for whining self-absorption that will never be equaled. Read more Complete with maps, histories, quaint local facts (France's National Underwear Changing Day is March 12), song lyrics, helpful hints on how to get through Customs (all insects must be spayed), and tidbits from Dave Barry's own fond vacation nightmares.Read more If you're too young for a nursing home yet too old to be a rock star, if your marriage is as exciting as scraping grass off the lawnmower blades, then this hilarious book by Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist and author is for you. Read more At long last, Dave Barry, the dean of everything, lets you in on the deepest, darkest mysteries of life and answers your hysterical home purchase questions like they've never been answered before.He also started writing a weekly humor column for the paper and began to develop his unique style. He then worked briefly as a copy editor at the Associated Press's Philadelphia bureau before joining Burger Associates, a consulting firm.At Burger, he taught effective writing to business people.


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