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We settled on Thursday 24 July 2008 in the Sin bar, Dublin and were very giddy going in.It turned out to be a great night and we stayed on for a few drinks after chatting to some of the guys that were there.It also never hurts to brush-up on your conversational skills!

We hope their stories inspire you to get involved, or perhaps you have your own Speed Dater success story to share? Just email [email protected] and if you include images we'll even send you a bottle of bubbly to say thanks! At the time I lived in Brighton and he lived in London. then cj walks accross the ship dressed in full naval officers uniform (Richard Gere style) and proposed!

In January 2006 I met CJ (Screen name Marathon Man) on the chatrooms on Speeddater. After a year of seeing eachother and having weekends in London and Brighton we decided to move in together. 2 years later we returned to barbados and got married on the beach 20 December 2009.

I think speedater is a great website for meeting people! Here is the link to our u tube vidoe of the engagement night.

I speak English as a second language and I hold an Australian citizenship.

I lived in Melbourne for 3 years over 10 years ago and have been back for nearly 4 years now, permanently.


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