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WATCH the video (above) to see Maks throw his mic in rehearsal!

Despite the startling moment in rehearsal, rumors are swirling that Meryl and Maks are actually dating!

I promise that this is funny and all done in good humor with the intention to help. As a policy if a man lets me go dutch through date #3. In the age bracket that I date in (30's-40's) finances should not be a big deal for anyone.

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“Sometimes when Maks is a little stressed out about choreography, it’s nice to be able to rely on the friendship we’ve built,” Meryl said, defending Maks who she’s been rumored to be romantically involved with, but there’s no denying that the ice skater was shaken up.If you’re more of an Apple i Phone 7 kind of a person then I’ve got you covered as well, so don’t fret because there are some really helpful apps to simplify the dating experience, especially when you download and use them on a dependable network like mine.Now I know that these apps can’t necessarily take away the inevitable stress of dating, but hopefully they can make it a little more fun while helping you plan the perfect date with a potential mate.Dating sites have come a long way, and now there are hundreds of alternative services beyond the all-encompassing and the breakout hit Plentyof Fish.If you're looking for one last summer fling (or just a human for a change —editor), we've picked out more than twenty niche dating services.If you’re not like me, which I hope is the case, and you happen to be single and actually want to meet new people and get yourself out there every now and then and maybe go on a date (or three) then I’m here to help.No, really, I am because even though the thought of dating freaks me out I want to help you find the potential love of your life.Geeks are now the hot, high wage earning, gadget loving go-to guys and gals who have garnered respect from the masses! No sense wasting time with your beautiful blond if she’s allergic to man’s best friend!If you’re a geek or are hoping to attract one, check out one of these dating sites for people with higher intelligence and a propensity towards tech. If you’re really into pet friendly people, there are several sites that bring together people and their pets.The best part is that my advice starts with the thing you probably bring with you everywhere you go and the one thing that goes to bed with you every single night. Oh you know I’m right, so don’t even try to deny it.I love my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I’m willing to bet you love your smartphone just as much, which is actually good in this case.


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