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The art of making decorated porcelain ware originated in China more than 1,000 years ago.From 960 through 1127, during the Song dynasty, emperors established factories to produce porcelain for the royal family.Please visit my page The Spode Archive for On this page, below, you will find links to my relevant blogposts about finding out about your Spode and Copeland pieces.You may find that you can do this yourself from these links. You can also find examples of backstamps illustrated on my my Spode ABC where you find all sorts of Spode history information.Information about Spode and Copeland history can be found in the large Spode archive which is deposited at the Stoke on Trent City Archives.Here it is carefully looked after and is accessible to the public.In 2009, when the factory closed, the entire collection was removed from the site and placed into storage.

Many of the items in the ceramics collection were assembled by the Copeland family in the 1920s and the 1950s.Painted marks are often in red and marks can also appear printed usually in blue or black, (although other colours were used) or impressed into the clay so appearing colourless.It is possible to have a combination of all three. Above is the image of a backstamp with the Spode name, the pattern number 967 and another small red cypher, which is a workman's mark. 1833 to 1847: the company was known as Copeland and Garrett.Subsequent donations received from a number of sources have made it not only truly representative of the factory’s productions over the centuries, but also one of the largest and most important ceramics collections in the world.This ceramics collection was formerly housed in buildings on the Spode factory site in Church Street, Stoke.Learning about styles and shapes can also help date pieces, particularly on the older pieces from the early 1800s when many were not marked.Spode used hundreds of different styles of backstamps in its nearly 250 year history.By 1842, Spode was one of the factories operating in England making what is known as “bone china,” along with Coalport, Wedgwood, Worchester, and a number of other companies.Josiah Spode apprenticed as a potter in the mid-1700s, and by 1754 he went to work for William Banks in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.During the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), a wider variety of designs were exported.Demand for china cups and saucers increased as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate became popular beverages.


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