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For example, there are such agreements with the European Union (including non‑EU members Norway and Iceland), Australia, Switzerland, Israel, and Japan.A full list of partners is available at priority will be given to candidates presenting papers at the meeting.

Refer to the list below to find the application deadline for the conference for which you are requesting support.

SIAM has available limited support for early career participants affiliated with U. institutions for travel to SIAM conferences through a grant from the U. These awards (unless otherwise noted in the award letter) come with free registration. under this program must comply with the Fly America Act. In some cases, the United States has entered into bilateral or multilateral agreements “Open Skies” agreements with other nations.

The terms of our grant from the NSF restricts awards to researchers affiliated with U. The travel awards are in the amount 0, however, in cases in which intercontinental travel is required, the award will be increased to 0.

Eligibility The prize will normally be awarded to a member of SIAM.

It may be awarded to a nonmember, but the standards for this exception should follow the example set by the first award of this prize (Sir Geoffrey Taylor, 1972).


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