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The Pickup Community treats mating as ‘Game’ where you have to persuade an opponent to sleep with you, based on the male virgin’s belief that ‘women don’t want sex’.

This even led to advice such as to ‘keep sarging while in a relationship’, because otherwise you’ll lose your ‘game’ and hence your girlfriend her interest in you.

Shady business strategies, horrendously overpriced bootcamps and products, fake reviews, forum censorship, marketing lies, empty promises, unqualified instructors, … A reason for this ‘elite secret society’ image is that those companies want to keep their rip-off business models hidden from the public eye.

PUA ‘Gurus’ are afraid of being exposed as the scammers that they are.

It can’t help but be negative and it’ll take the wind out a few people’s sails. Even consistently successful men had no idea why they were so good. Seduction teaching was born and with it a community. The seduction community is where men learn from experienced mentors in seduction, attraction, dating, sex and all related topics around women. A few years ago there was so much misunderstanding about women, what’s attractive, dating, the whole shebang.Anyways, the rest of this article will assume you’re familiar with the so-called ‘Community’.I don’t consider myself part of the Seduction Community.But I think sometimes people need to hear certain things, even if they are a bit hard to swallow at first.Hopefully one day the points below will become irrelevant. Some of you may not know what this is, but I think a fair percentage of guys who want to do better with women know about it.I know nothing about this book, I don’t intend to justify or qualify it, that’s not what this post is about.However, in the wake of this controversy I’ve seen a lot of anger and shaming directed at the seduction community, which is what I would like to address.Seeing someone I found attractive evoked less “fear” and more “complete and total emotional shutdown.” Rather than attempting to express myself around women, I began denying that I had any interest in women in the first place.It was easier to suppress my instincts than deal with the muscle-paralyzing terror of having to flirt with them (something that society told me was cool for guys to do).


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