Dating and relationships in the

Sometimes these concerns are related to a lack of education about the LGBTQ community, and these experiences speak to the need for further discussion to help ensure safety for all young people.

Furthermore, young people who identify as LGBTQ may not be completely comfortable yet discussing their sexual or gender identity openly.

Mixed signals leave two people reacting to false information.Read more There’s a dating adage out there that you should judge a man by how he treats his mother. Read more If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you know how quickly a short shopping list of essential items can turn into a cart full of junk you didn’t need and wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Before you take that leap into a serious committed relationship, here are some questions... Read more In order to date successfully and find a good relationship, you have to feel good (enough) about yourself.As young people, they’re still navigating what it means to be in a relationship.Unless otherwise indicated, all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Let’s face it: We, as people, have a difficult time understanding each other, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.Since we see the world through our own unique lenses, based on our story and what we’ve been through, each of us takes in information differently.We’ve all made assumptions and jumped to conclusions.We’ve all exhibited behavior that wasn’t justified.Pervasive and outdated attitudes, such as “two men fighting is common,” “women do not hurt each other” or “these relationships are always unstable,” can keep law enforcement from taking abuse seriously.As a result, young people who identify as LGBTQ and are seeking help may have to deal with limited services, conflicting values, and unwarranted phobias about the their community.


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