Daryl hannah dating val kilmer

He's tall and muscular, with healthy skin and good teeth.His teeth, in fact, are so good that they sometimes look unconvincing in the mouths of the venal, destructive characters he so often plays.

The pair were spotted walking arm-in-arm this week and reportedly shared a kiss on their way to a restaurant in Westlake, Calif.

"It's just that they do not admit it to themselves, or others."Today, the star of a succession of box-office hits in the Eighties - Roxanne, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias - says age has been her saviour.

She sits looking poised and confident in a low-key restaurant in Venice while attending the city's annual film festival.

He's been demonised by his ex-wife and has alienated virtually every director he has worked with: is Val Kilmer the most difficult actor in Hollywood, or its most ruthless perfectionist?

William Leith talks to the man formerly known as 'Psycho Kilmer'about his gruelling new role Even if he's carrying some extra weight, there's no question that, aged 44, Val Kilmer still looks good.


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    Look at him, poor little fellow is gasping for air, blinded and literally squashed under his Domina's smooth, delicious crotch.