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Some families have coverage through their family policies, but other issues that may occur lead us to recommend that ALL traveling students acquire actual travel insurance at the time they purchase airline tickets.

Because the cost of travel insurance is based on the cost of the trip, it’s very affordable for us…..

our whole trip is only the cost of the airfare and perhaps a side-trip. Proof of insurance should be given to the trip organizer immediately after airfare is purchased.

Star Insurance and EF Assist card-international are 2 companies presently being used.

Bottom line: traveling representatives MUST have coverage of one sort or another.

Medical problems occurring overseas can be extremely expensive, and it is not the host’s responsibility to cover these.

\A delegation of students and teachers from Ecole L’Heritage has recently returned from Costa Rica and teacher Wendy Lalancette said the trip was well worth it with a good balance of work and play.

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The first community the group went to help were the Bribri, an indigenous community. “Some of them do work in the town.” Lalancette said the students broke into three groups, some helped dig holes for composting while others helped build a firewall around the village while helping clean up the forest.

There is no better way to learn Spanish than a full-immersion experience and practicing your language skills with native speakers.

Our Native Spanish curriculum integrates Spanish into all aspects of the Spanish Camp program, including community service, sports, and cultural activities.

The third group helped prepare a field for planting corn.

Lalancette said the Bribri community was very welcoming and the delegation was able to take part in some of their traditions and culture.


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