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Or we can choose to play as a trenchcoat Rambo by paying for tougher armour and a clutch of explosive rockets that fire like hail from his arms.

On the way here, we see three wolves and then, seemingly around every corner, what Levi and Josh note is new activity by industry: a new pile of yellow pipes here; a new cut through the forest for another pipeline there. And yet, on the other hand, you realize that throughout history there’s been that small voice that has started something, that said, ‘You might think that’s the way to go but there’s another way to go.’ ” He pauses.In the distance the tall well, like a steel skeleton, seems empty of life – not even a worker for Josh to glare at.Levi, Josh’s younger brother, stands nearby wearing his trademark jean jacket.That distinction was extended by Christian Partner for Life, an online guide to Christian dating sites, according to the also informs us that a Colorado T-shirt maker is cashing in on the Denver Broncos rookie's squeaky-clean image.Josh Ludwig, son of the minister and convicted bomber Wiebo Ludwig, is cross-armed and peering across the line dividing the muddy access road we’ve driven to see a CNRL fracking well.But you and your enemies move so fast that even the best-planned encounters - the ones where you've lurked outside a door for half a minute and plotted everyone's downfall - often fall apart because you aren't Neo from The Matrix. Actually, maybe it all works because once you get into a rhythm with it, you try different things.But it's not frustrating; it's amazing slapstick fun. The game doesn't really lean on you to do this; it gives you a rating at the end of each level, which can be polite or savage, and the Steam Achievements are all things like "kill two guys by throwing one brick".Maybe it's the fact that I love super-violent top-down action games, because Hotline Miami is an immaculate super-violent top-down action game. Or maybe it's because the controls and difficulty are so unforgiving that nine times out of ten you get killed instead, at which point you tap 'R' to restart the floor of the building you're on.You move through colourful buildings full of angry little guys, and each room is like that bit at the end of a Mexican standoff when someone pulls the trigger and everyone dies in a split second: you crash through a door, which knocks a guy to the ground, then sprint six feet to cut a guy's throat before he can raise his weapon, quickly throw the knife backwards as someone bursts through the doorway to investigate the commotion, and then straddle the guy you knocked out and smash his head to mush on the concrete floor. The controls are just WASD, spacebar to straddle downed enemies, and the mouse buttons to pick up, use and throw weapons.While it probably doesn't rank with winning the Heisman Trophy or a national championship, another honor has rolled in for Tim Tebow.The NFL's most notable self-professed virgin has been named the most eligible Christian bachelor of the year.


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