Brad p underground dating seminar

Material classified as yaoi typically depicts gay relationships between male characters and may include homoerotic content.Although the yaoi genre is also called Boys' Love (commonly abbreviated as BL), the characters may be of any age above puberty, including adults.

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No longer would they be content to be submissive to women, surrendering their power, repressing their natural desires, hoping and praying they'd "get lucky." Deep down they all knew luck had nothing to do with it. While most guys flail around in the dark when it comes to women, there are a few guys who just "get it." They know how to drive women crazy. Today, at the Underground Dating Seminar, he would unveil the secrets to attracting and dating beautiful women.

They get everything they want out of women, and they get it on their own terms. Lessons he had learned from some of the greatest players around.


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