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But in another telling of the same tale, from 1634, the handsome prince actually rapes our snoozing heroine and she only awakens when her offspring (she gave birth while still asleep! So while Rapunzel is locked in the tower, her captor – the witch – isn’t her only visitor…

A horny prince also climbs up Rapunzel’s golden locks – several times. Old witch-face goes crazy, cuts off Rapunzel’s locks and lures up the daddy.

(Though they notably did not tone down the violence, even for the children.)Standards of child-friendliness have shifted in the past 200 years; some of the Grimms' stories are now considered shockingly violent—and at least one of them, "The Jew in the Thorns", notoriously religiously insensitive.

(Similar stories appear in the Grimms' other, more adult, story collection, nature of many of the original stories have made the Grimm Brothers the Trope Namer for Grimmification.

It should be noted, however, that some of the tales included by the Grimms were not intended for children in the first place—hence the distinction made in the name of their popular collection.

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Although one of three sisters, she does not best them in riddles or games of strength or chance; even the sewing for which she is punished is not her own.

But on the other hand, if his painting failed to win acceptance at exhibition, Schwind would have gained nothing but bad press, uncovered expenses, and the certainty that there was no market for his fairy tale paintings.

Consequently, Schwind would not be able to successfully combine his own artistic goals with the demands of the open art market, and, so, he sought to assure the success of his first fairy tale painting, in the Munich Glaspalast in 1858, a high-profile event which guaranteed wide international recognition and which was, therefore, a promotionally most successful platform for artists.

We loved Kenneth Branagh's 2015 movie adaptation of Cinderella - based on the Disney animation.

But did you know the original story was a lot less pretty...?


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