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As a member of the Angel Fire Rotary Club, I've been in charge of the website since I joined in 2013.In 2015, after a redesign, it won Best Small Club website in the District (there are 31 small clubs in the district).interview, Black Lake’s Donna Holst, who grew up in Cimarron, remembered visiting this area with her father (the late Leon Pigman) at age 4, “And there was nothing here.” She came back to go ice skating at about age 15 and by then, “There were six houses, no golf course and one ski run. It’s changed a lot.” told by George Le Bus, one of Roy and La Vena’s four children: “Roy said the family was sitting around the dinner table for a traditional Sunday supper when George made the comment that they should put a tow rope on their ranch so they wouldn’t have to drive so far to ski.At that point his father responded that he was thinking on a slightly larger scale than a tow rope.

Below is a full schedule of events and activities happening for Balloons Over Angel Fire and around the Enchanted Circle this weekend.

Focusing on our projects and with lots of large photos, it's helped explain and promote our club in the valley.

they're such a precious gem (who also needs a follow).

Winter Sports offers one of the nicest and widest selection of rentals in Angel Fire.

The also have a great selection of retail items ranging from snowboards to high end parabolic skis, custom fitted boots,and apparel.


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