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"Landlords who harass tenants and engage in prejudiced bullying will not get away with it in this state, period," Governor Cuomo said."We created the Tenant Protection Unit for exactly this purpose: to stand up for renters who are being taken advantage of by bad landlords.If you are a renter and believe that your landlord has harassed you in violation of the law, call our office. Anyone who has ever rented a flat or house knows the struggle of dealing with a landlord who is always on your case.Towns, Commissioner/CEO of New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)."Today's work by the TPU sends a strong message to those landlords who are the exception that thanks to the Governor's leadership, they are being watched much more closely." In addition to requesting the relevant rental documents, the subpoena also requests information on the landlords' business and investment practices based on their reported promises to investors of 15% profit returns through the purchase of rent-regulated buildings that they had described to investors as having been previously "mismanaged." State Senator Adriano Espaillat, who serves as the ranking member of the Senate Housing, Construction and Community Development Committee, said, "Landlord harassment is driving tenants from their homes, and has hastened the loss of critical affordable housing.

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"We know that most landlords of rent-regulated housing are good businesspeople, who know that little can be gained from heavy-handed and illegal efforts to turn over apartments and force tenants out," said Darryl C.

Trump even proposed sheltering homeless people in the building.

It went on for five years as Trump fought tenants, real estate lawyers, New York state regulators and city officials.

In this phenomenon is a particular problem, and the Ellis Act has been a favored legal means for ridding landlords of their tenants.

But landlord harassment of tenants is another method, albeit an illegal one, they can employ to move out tenants from their property.


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