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And if he can persuade people to take the one-to-one computer course offered by Age Action, they never look back.“One woman, who’s in her early 60s, writes a blog about genealogy and social history,” he says.They laid large clutches of eggs and around half the embryos died—presumably, the male ones. Meanwhile, 700 miles away on Samoa, British entomologist George Henry Evans Hopkins had found the same pattern in the same butterfly.The males were practically endangered: there was just one of them for every hundred females.

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Simmonds wanted to know how these patterns are inherited, so he started capturing and breeding the insects.

“Before the course she’d never even read a blog, and she now has 20,000 followers.” Skype has proved hugely popular.

“A man who died last year at 102, used to talk to his son, a missionary in Fiji, on Skype.

Catfish Protip: If someone seems to be falling for you and pushing the relationship forward without having talked to you or after just a little contact with you, they’re probably trying to catfish you online.

If someone seems to be falling for you and they write and say all of these loving things about you after a very short amount of time. This is especially the case if they ask you for money right away.


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