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;) A secretary got an expensive PEN as birthday gift from her boss. The wife read the text and angrily shows her husband the message: Your penis wonderful, I enjoyed using it last night. Moral: Space is essential in every successful married life!!!

Panty nahi pehni hai." Santa: "Tune to Daraa hi diya. AKBAR 2 BIRBAL: Yaar, meri Begum kabhi kabhi mere neeche k baal kheenchti hai BIRBAL: Saza do saalli ko, Jis din khinchey ussi din 2 bar aage se chodo 2 bar peeche se 2 bar khade hoke 2 bar bitha ke 2 bar Muhh mei 2 bar gaand mei SHOT maaro AKBAR: abbay Bhosdike, SAZA USKO DENI HAI YA MUJHE?

I was wearing my skirt, and removed my thong without removing the skirt. He lay me down gently and straddled me, his manly cock touching my clit. My mum straddled my dad's face, her arse against my face.

I came home after college, having a lesson with a very sexy young man, and feeling horny. My brother was shoving his cock into my arse, his balls rubbing against our dad's.

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