Adult chat whispers

Chat with your friends in real-time while taking down the next Lord of Chaos or just hanging out in your house!

Our chat features a smart filter that forbids the use of inappropriate language and our Moglin-safe serves allow for canned-chat privileges.

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If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit our support page for information on how to contact our staff 24 hours a day.

Talk with fellow adventurers all over the globe and express yourself with the aid of many emotes, too!

The entire chatbox can be toggled on or off by clicking the triangle button.

Along those same lines, familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use for the various sites you frequent, and the online accounts you sign up for.

Many web sites expressly prohibit harassment and if you report it through their established mechanisms, the content and/or bully should be removed from the site in a timely manner.


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